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Joker Fiber Image Credit: Startup 360°
Joker Fiber Image Credit: Startup 360°

Joker Fiber



Less time buffering and more video chatting, uploading family videos and playing your favourite online games. all you need to do is, subscribe joKer fiber to ensure you’re there.

jOKER fiBER, product of Bass Jokernet Private Limited founded in 2015 at Tiruchirappalli, offers ultrafast Internet services through FTTH. Well, you must be aware that India ranked 97th globally with an average speed of 5.6 Mbps as per the Akamai’s State of The Internet for Q4 2016 Report. However, most of the areas received below 512kbps in the said quarter. Particularly in Tamil Nadu, the 28 million Internet consumers in the State receive an average speed 1.15 Mbps, which is less than 80% of India’s average speed. jOKER fiBER, a fiber based internet service provider in Tiruchirappalli has launched internet services offering speed up to 99Mbps and have plans to increase the speed to 1GBPS in the near future. But how does the team plan to achieve what other Internet providers failed at? Here’s what differentiates JOKER fiBER services from the rest:

- Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON)

- Till the end of customer premises, the network developed on Optical Fiber.

- Fully IPv6 based network and also supports IPv4.

- Multiple back-haul support.

- Towards to line of Unlimited DATA. In order to reduce the downtime and ensure smooth installation, operation and after-installation service, the company

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