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Imaginarium Image Credit: Startup 360°
Imaginarium Image Credit: Startup 360°


Innovation that fuels India. Innovation that is fuelled by India

Imaginarium is India’s largest 3D printing and rapid prototyping company with over a decade of experience with adopting and applying cutting edge manufacturing technology to over 40 industries. While most of their work is actively in the B2B sector, the company aims to democratise manufacturing and cater to individual demands. Bringing the best of 3D printing to India, and the best of India to the world of 3D printing, Imaginarium is divided into six verticals to cater to each’s needs with a tailor made approach. The verticals are Imaginarium Precious Jewellery Design, Imaginarium Life- Healthcare, Imaginarium Rapid- Industrial Manufacturing, Imaginarium Solutions- Impacting Daily Lives, Metamorphosis Cafe and Imaginarium Academy- Sharing knowledge of 3D Printing.

Apart from catering to the industrial landscape, Imaginarium is also spurring the entrepreneur movement in India by providing an appropriate ecosystem to support and nurture individual ideas. The company truly aims to become the most approachable and competitive partner with a well rounded setup in place, consisting of machinery, mentor-ship, the right know how and funding if required. Today, Imaginarium lies at the perfect intersection of ‘Make in India’, ‘Startup India’ and ‘Digital India’,welcoming with open arms an

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