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Beauty Makeup Skincare Cosmetics Image Credit: Female Malaysia
Beauty Makeup Skincare Cosmetics Image Credit: Female Malaysia

Are You A Victim Of These Beauty Blunders?

Enough stressing about horrifying beauty slip-ups! Here’s how you can set it right without breaking a sweat.

Rachel Dulis

Ever had those days when you’re simply going about your regular beauty routine and all of a sudden you’ve made a terrible blunder you can’t fix? Well, you’re not alone! These mistakes can happen to anyone and trust us when we say there’s always a solution. It may not rectify the problem immediately but it can improve the appearance or even kick-start its healing process. Read on to see how you can recover from some unwanted beauty mishaps.


Whether you’re taking on the task by yourself or at a waxing salon, applying the proper techniques is super important so that your skin isn’t hurt from it. However, in the event where the wax strips aren’t pulled right nor gone over the same spot more than twice, they may cause the unflattering purplish bruise which none of us want. You want to pull across and close to the skin in the opposite direction; pulling upwards will only break the capillaries, which you might notice showing up almost immediately. Thankfully, bruising doesn’t last long and while it can heal on its own, you can speed up the process by applying some ice right away followed by a soothing gel like aloe vera.


When you realise that your foundation looks darker after you’ve applied it onto your skin, that’s how you know that it has been oxidised. This is mainly due to

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