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Prague Czech Republic Adventure Food Image Credit: Female Malaysia
Prague Czech Republic Adventure Food Image Credit: Female Malaysia

Keep Calm And Go To Prague

Despite the Over-commercialisation of This City, Alexandra Luella Shares Why She Still Finds It Beautiful.

Alexandra Luella

Prague is a city you need to visit, even if it has been so tragically reduced to a touristy sell-out – judging by the scenes of Jay Chou’s music videos or worse, the backdrops of tasteless pre-wedding shots of equally tasteless, wealthy Asian couples! Agree to disagree with me and I will tell you precisely why you need to visit Prague.

First of all, Prague is heartbreakingly beautiful. From sunrise to nightfall, the backstory of this city reveals itself stone by stone through the spellbinding landscape with districts surrounded by architectural gems from different periods, such as the Romanesque thick walls and round arches, as well as the Gothic ribbed vaults and the Baroque frescoes. People built these giants with simple physics and their bare hands. It’s funny how as technology advances, we fill our land with more schematic buildings.

I know not many of you are keen on retracing the footsteps of Kafka, but I also know I could easily sell you the bourgeois, artistic Café Louvre, where the writer was once a patron. You could spend an hour there arranging the tea and sachertorte for your sub-optimal Instagram photo and caption it as “this is where Kafka used to come”, along with an army of hashtags. Then find yourself editing and swapping his name for Albert Einstein when someone questions, Kafka who?

Secondly, the food. Czech food is nothing like what you’ve eaten before. A round of applause for the ghoulash, a

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