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Savings Retirement Investment Money Image Credit: Female Malaysia
Savings Retirement Investment Money Image Credit: Female Malaysia

Awesome Tips To Save Cash For Your Retirement

The rising cost of living and the desire to keep up with the latest trends isn’t doing anyone any good. Vasenta Selvanayagam reveals a few much-needed tips on ways to save cash for your later days.

Vasenta Selvanayagam

A few months back, I decided to meet up with my BFFs for coffee. After placing my order at the counter, I passed the lady a RM20 bill to pay for my cuppa. She looked at me and said that the cup of latte I just ordered was RM35. I was shocked but of course, was too embarrassed to cancel my order. I cursed myself for not checking the price before placing my order. But it also got me and my GFs complaining about how difficult it is to enjoy the simple things in life without enough money. One of my peeps who is a financial planner popped the question: how much have we saved up for our retirement? We all went blank. Retirement, errr... us? We’re just starting our working lives; there’s plenty of time to think about retiring, right?

The question of saving for retirement continued to bug me. Were my friends and I the only ones so ignorant about this subject? I decided to ask this question to a few random people I met along the way in the mall, between the ages of 20 to 35, and these were some of their responses:

“Nope! I’m still young. I can start doing that once I hit 40.” – SALLY NG, 29

“I have my normal savings. Does that count?” – CHEW LAI YIN, 30

“I’m still in debt as I need to pay off my PTPTN and my car loan. Only after I’ve managed to buy a house will I think of my retirement.” – INDIRA RAHMAN, 25


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