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Rise To The Occasion Image Credit: Money Magazine Australia
Rise To The Occasion Image Credit: Money Magazine Australia

Rise To The Occasion

If you couldn’t bake a birthday cake to save your life, help is at hand

This month I face my greatest chal-lenge yet as a newly single dad. My children Abbey, 5, and Lucy, 4, are April babies, and my eldest daughter has requested her favourite chocolate mud cake to celebrate.

For someone who doesn’t know a grill from an oven, the prospect of meeting my daughter’s birthday expectations was proving a terrifying dilemma, until Money commissioned me to write about Airtasker.

How it works Launched in 2012, Airtasker is a community platform offering website and app interface. It is used by 1.6 million individuals and businesses (called job posters) to connect with service providers (taskers) who have spare time as well as a broad variety of skills. If you need a cake baked, lawn mowed, website copy written or boxes delivered, then “hello Airtasker”.

Prices and costs If you have spare time and can bake, mow, design or shift boxes, then working as a tasker could provide extra cash or supplement day-job earnings. Airtasker claims it’s possible to earn up to $5000 a month.

To illustrate a tasker’s earning capacity, after signing up to the free app I discovered that in early March it was possible to make $90 for cleaning a one-bedroom apartment or $160 for picking up two boxes on one side of Sydney and delivering them across town. Meanwhile, a dyslexic (not my words) consultant was prepared to pay a tasker $160 to proofread some documents with an overnight turnaround. A

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