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Family Fortunes Image Credit: Hi-Fi Choice
Family Fortunes Image Credit: Hi-Fi Choice

Family Fortunes

The Citation 500 is intended to combine room-filling sound with the convenience of voice control. Ed Selley tries it out

As the bigger brother of the Citation 300 (HFC 452), the 500 is the largest of the single-chassis stereo speakers with only the £2,200 stereo pair Citation Tower floor stander being above it in the range.

The Citation 500’s spec mirrors its little brother and uses Google Chromecast and Assistant to access a wide range of streaming and internet radio services to a maximum sample rate of 24-bit/96kHz (higher rates are downsampled). Harman claims that the Chromecast functionality means it has access to over 300 music services, while Google Assistant can be configured to operate with a variety of different services to suit your subscription and preferences.

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise to learn the Citation 500 has much the same strengths and weaknesses as the 300. It is able to do almost anything you might expect over a home network, but further connectivity is limited to Bluetooth.

The chassis is built around a pair of 25mm tweeters alongside a pair of 131mm mid/bass drivers. These are true mid/bass units as there’s no passive radiator or subwoofer and power output is rated at a total of 200W RMS. The cabinet is sealed – which should help with placement – and it is finished to an extremely high standard. The fabric finish by Danish company Kvadrat is muted, but should help it fit in most spaces without drawing unwanted attention to itself, and comes in a choice of grey or black fin

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