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Hoofing It Image Credit: Central Florida Ag News
Hoofing It Image Credit: Central Florida Ag News

Hoofing It

Florida Trails Offer Horseback Riders a Different Way to Experience Nature

Teresa Schiffer

WHILE FLORIDA MAY be renowned for its big-name tourist attractions and resorts, there is still quite a bit of natural beauty to draw attention. We have some truly breathtaking forest areas, and one of the best ways to take in the wonderful scenery is by horseback. Many of our state forests and natural areas have horse trails that allow you to enjoy the splendor of nature while riding your horse. It is definitely an experience worth having!

If you are truly dedicated to exploring Florida’s natural wonders by horseback, there is an excellent reward program to keep you motivated – the Florida Trailtrotter Program. This program allows you to keep track of your equine expeditions and submit documentation in order to receive collectible patches.

The program works like this: You ride a total of eight trails in a minimum of four state forests, selecting from a list of approved sites. At each trailhead, you obtain one pre-paid postal survey card. After you complete your ride, fill out the card and mail it in. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, through the Forest Management Bureau, will send you a sticker for each trail. Affix the sticker on your Trailtrotter’s Log, and keep collecting until you’ve reached eight trails. Once you’ve ridden eight trails, send in your Trailtrotter’s Log to receive a nice patch to attach to a shirt, vest, or jacket. You’ll also receive a certificate commemorating your achiev

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