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Millie Bobby Brown Image Credit: ELLE Australia
Millie Bobby Brown Image Credit: ELLE Australia

Millie Bobby Brown's Ambitions, Career Goals And Email Etiquette

Instead of being written out of stranger things as planned, The Peculiar Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) has become one of the series’ most beloved characters. On the cusp of season three, we discover brown also has ambitions, career goals and email etiquette beyond her teen years

Elle Mcclure


I pulled the directors and producers aside to come up with a really great game plan for Eleven. I’ve been working on her for nearly three years, so we’ve been evolving together. She’s like my baby! The thing I like about Eleven is how there’s no definition to her, it’s like she doesn’t have a personality yet. She’s constantly trying to figure herself out, and this season lets her do that — in a good way. She really tries to find herself.”

“I’M 15 AND I ALREADY… have this work vision where I know exactly what I want. As soon as I read an email where somebody’s like, ‘There’s this movie about this young girl who has mental…’ I’m like, ‘Oh yep, that’s me, I need to do it.’ As soon as I read the first sentence. Then I bug my dad for days like, ‘Did you email back, did you email back?’ Or if I’m doing a photo shoot, I’ve made a full mood board on the plane and written an email that’s five paragraphs long. I’m obsessed with being involved. I’m not one of those people to make people do things for me — I will do it for you. As soon as I have a love for something, it’s all I think about and it’s all I talk about. I’m a loyal person; I stick with the things I love.”

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