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Third Rock Image Credit: Belle Magazine Australia
Third Rock Image Credit: Belle Magazine Australia

Third Rock

With a mountain range in its sights, this home of rammed earth, polished concrete and glass honours the elements.

The design of this house in Victoria takes inspiration from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion and the Glass House by Philip Johnson, explains interior designer David Hicks. How did you become involved with this project? The clients liked our holistic approach to design. They wanted a new house that was simple in its design appearance, elegant and private. What were the challenges of the site? The site was slightly undulating with amazing views of Mount Macedon. We located the house footprint on the block to take advantage of this and the northern sun. The area was levelled flat which allowed for a terraced rear garden and the house to be placed lower than the street for privacy. What are the considerations when designing a home in a rural setting? Fire zone regulations are stringent given the location. Exposure to the elements means you have to factor in sun, wind and rain, and how they affect the liveability of the house. The surrounding landscape is another factor as large native trees are usually protected and wanted to be kept. Describe the completed home and your favourite design elements? The house was designed as a low modernist structure. Miesian elements inspired the front where we have no windows but layers of rammed earth walls at cross-sections. This allows all windows to be hidden from the street and gives a more substantial feel to the front of the house. As you progress through the three pavilions the spaces

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