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Less Is More Image Credit: Home & Decor Malaysia
Less Is More Image Credit: Home & Decor Malaysia

Less Is More

Transforming an extremely compact living suite into a stylish, yet multifunctional space challenged this young interior design firm to think outside the box.

A small space need not be a deterrent for good design. In fact, the examples of micro housing found online are positively inspirational and so efficient, it makes you wonder if any extra space is really necessary. Certainly with a current global mood that includes “the life changing magic of tidying up” and living mindfully with less, downsizing is a very appealing proposition indeed.

Leo Wong, founder of award-winning L+R Design Studio, was used to designing for larger spaces, and so he found his hands full when presented with a project to fit out an extremely compact 432 sqf living suite in Utropolis Glenmarie Shah Alam, close to KDU College Glenmarie. “The client is actually a friend of ours. He bought a few properties here for investment purposes and was concerned if the space could be multi-functional and utilitarian, as he felt the suite size was too restrictive for him.” Wong explains that the homeowner, who had had the suite renovated for himself, also has plans to rent it out in the future, and so it needed to suit the purpose.

In light of the space restrictions and the client’s brief, Wong decided that key elements of the design would be inspired by Japanese “MUJI” design. “Due to its minimalist and simple design, this is often dubbed Zen design or comme

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