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2nd Floor Kitchen Bar Image Credit: Home & Decor Malaysia
2nd Floor Kitchen Bar Image Credit: Home & Decor Malaysia

2nd Floor Kitchen & Bar

As its name would suggest, 2nd Floor Kitchen & Bar makes its home on the second floor of a shoplot in bustling TTDI.

Third time’s a charm, as proven by the minds behind The Private Room Wine Bar and The Pawn Room Cocktail Bar, and 2nd Floor more than takes the cake with their brand of modern European dishes, all of which can be chased down with colourful cocktails.

The first thing that strikes every visitor upon ascending the steps up and entering the space is a strong tropical vibe. It starts with an elaborate wall mural in the alfresco area which depicts various greens, colourful shrubbery, and a stunning, fully-presenting peacock. Colourful pillows also line the built-in bench seating to complement the cacophony of colours.

The visual fiesta doesn’t stop at the mural; the rest of the interior follows the course with an eclectic mix of retro and modern furniture, cyan coloured wall panels, and vintage geometric floor tiles. There are also hanging and draping plants that run the length of the cafe, blanketing the space in a soft, cocooning vibe that customers absolutely love.

Take your choice of seating and start your course off with a light Quinoa Salad. The vinegarette dressing jives well with the sweetness of the pomegranate, creating a refreshing blend that gets your tastebuds primed for the main course ahead.

No doubt the highlight of 2nd Floor and the one dish every new patron should try: the establishment’s famed Grilled Iberico Pork. This is not your grandfather’s ‘Siu Yok’! Cut into the beautiful grill lines and you’ll find your knife glides easily through the tender meat. Take a bite and the gorgeous Iberico, which is a beautiful pink in the middle, will literally melt in your mouth. Every bite is a burst

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