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Amore Espresso Bar Image Credit: Home & Decor Malaysia
Amore Espresso Bar Image Credit: Home & Decor Malaysia

Amore Espresso Bar

Amore Espresso Bar also serves meals. Choose from Japanese curry rice bowls, salted egg yolk pasta, dessert waffles, kimchi fries, and more!

A more Espresso Bar is the place to be! Treat yourself on a hot day with a glass of thirst-quenching fizzy Elderflower Lemonade, perfectly worth scaling the flight of stairs for, catch up with your friends over homemade soft serve, or sit back with a glass pot of soothing Tea Trick made of pea flowers to warm you up with during a cold rainy day!

The silky smooth and fragrant Rose Oolong soft serve with latte is exactly the treat or a special coffee fix you need to end a busy week. The rich and thick consistency of the creamy milk tea of the soft serve balances out the slight bitterness, and the aromatic aftertaste of the latte will have you savouring every last bite and sip.

“Our coffee is unique as our beans have a chocolatey nutty flavour as opposed to the usual acidic strong flavour most coffees have. As we specialise in desserts, the flavour of our coffee makes it easy to pair with the desserts we serve,” shares founder Angel Lim, who sources Amore Espresso Bar’s beans from KL-based Toothless Coffee Roaster.

Not to be outshined by the seasonal tea flavours, Amore’s specialty Blueberry Lavender soft serve is the perfect dreamy treat for any hot day. Unlike many Lavender desserts available in the market, this one doesn’t overwhelm the palate. In fact, it packs a punch with the summer flavours of blueberry dressing, sprinkled with lavender “seeds” that give a “bite” to the soft serve and ends with the unexpected sour notes of lemon juice. “Our soft serves are made in-house on a daily basis. We try to keep it simple by incorporating floral infused flavours, which stays true to the theme of

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