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New Year Resolution Diet Fitness Image Credit: Home & Decor Malaysia
New Year Resolution Diet Fitness Image Credit: Home & Decor Malaysia

10 New Year's Resolutions To Not Make

It’s an inevitable fact of life that humans make and break promises - even those to ourselves. In the spirit of keeping all the promises we make this year, here are ten of our favourite resolutions to not make!


Living in a food-centric country like Malaysia makes it very, very difficult to only eat healthy food. That’s why it’s easier and more feasible to not restrict yourself too fully. Instead, make a pledge to make healthier choices when you can. On good days, you can opt for salads, or for grilled protein with a side of greens. And for those days you absolutely need that fried chicken, don’t fight the battle. If you must, eat a smaller portion!


It can be immensely demoralising to pledge yourself to losing weight, only to step on the scales months later to find that nothing has changed! To this end, it’s a better idea to resolve to be active whenever possible, leaving weight loss entirely out of it. Join a yoga class, and indulge in weekend hikes to get your muscles burning! Remember: the second it starts to become a chore, you’ll start to make excuses to avoid doing it. Keep it fun and fresh to avoid that.


This one is a tough cookie. While meeting new people should definitely be on the list of to-dos, some of us simply don’t benefit from it as well as others. So don’t resolve to meet new people if you don’t want to. Indulge in your extrovert side, and spend time to take care of yourself. Strengthen bonds and relationships with the people closest to you by spending more time

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