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The Past And The Present Image Credit: Home & Decor Malaysia
The Past And The Present Image Credit: Home & Decor Malaysia

The Past And The Present

An oasis in the city centre of Bangkok proves to be the perfect spot in which to rest and recharge.

Walking into Anantara Siam on Bangkok’s bustling City Centre for the very first time is an experience one never quite forgets. Grand ballroom steps open up before the front doors, setting the stage for elegant entry. Prolific floral arrangements shower the space in classic aesthetics reminiscent of high-end Colonialera establishments, further accentuated by the structure and architecture of the space. Yet there is an irrevocably Thai feel about the establishment, one expertly woven into the here and now through art and colour.

One’s eye is immediately drawn to a vibrant red-and-gold mural depicting scenes of life in majestic Thailand; magnificent and beautiful, this mural takes up an entire wall from floor to ceiling, framed by the aforementioned stairs. Cosmic mandalas and visions of the universe swim overhead in the ceilings, a soft and mystical cocoon of good vibes and feelings of wonder. The art sings of culture and traditions from centuries past. We’re instantly hooked.

“We see a lot of businessmen and politicians here. And that’s because in Thai culture, it is considered good luck to do business under the sky,” says International Cluster Public Relations Manager Mookmanee Kiokaew. It’s not hard to see why – the lobby lounge is awash in mirror and marble, punctuated every few paces with furni

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