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Azry Fazamy Image Credit: Home & Decor Malaysia
Azry Fazamy Image Credit: Home & Decor Malaysia

Azry Fazamy

Rich with the green and sustainable design sensibility of Landscape Architect and designer Azry Fazamy, this 5,500 sqf bungalow in Shah Alam is the ideal home for a large family.

The family of five who live in this 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom bungalow in Shah Alam live hectic, busy lives; with plenty of friends and young adult children, the homeowners love entertaining, and as such needed a space that reflected that love.

They first encountered Landscape Architect and designer Azry Fazamy through word of mouth. “I was recommended to them by my previous client,” Azry tells us. A Landscape Architect registered with ILAM (Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia) by profession, Azry has a Masters in Construction and Innovative Technology, and has since engaged himself with the design and construction of homes and the implementing of ‘interior landscaping’ in new housing developments.

With so impressive a portfolio in play, it was no wonder the homeowners sought Azry out to work on their family home. After all, with Azry’s focus on environmentally friendly building and green, sustainable work, the partnership more than made sense at the time. “The clients have a double-volume main hall area that’s 24 feet in height, with glass panels that overlook the common garden area in the back. However, because the garden is the main feature of the space, the clients didn’t want to cover up the panels with curtains, as they would also be very dusty and difficult to maintain from that height,” he tells us.

Still, a solution was necessary to prevent the sun and heat from streaking in through the gla

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