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Wei Theng Jackal Chua Metrics Global Image Credit: Home & Decor Malaysia
Wei Theng Jackal Chua Metrics Global Image Credit: Home & Decor Malaysia

Wei Theng & Jackal Chua - Metrics Global

The Initial Idea Was To Create A “Shopping Experience” For Potential Customers. Guests Are Welcome To Visit Anytime Without Any Commitment, Whether They Are Potential Buyers Or Just Casual Visitors.

The Icon Gallery by the Hatten Group stands as an extraordinary property gallery that breaks with convention to provide a whole new shopping experience for potential homeowners. Ambitious and daring, the property gallery itself spans the whole level of a shopping mall, which provides its own set of challenges.

The initial idea for Metrics Global was to create a ‘shopping experience’.The concept is that, unlike conventional sales galleries, potential buyers or casual viewers can freely enter anytime with no prior commitment. They can be comfortable with just browsing, bolstered by a welcoming and comfortable environment.

The expansive 13,500 sqf area caters to at least eight of Hatten Group’s projects which co-exist within the same space. There are also three impressive show homes on-site, ready to immerse potential buyers within the experience.

To fit that many varieties of displays and materials on an elevated platform served as an interesting challenge for the designers at Metrics Global. As they put it: “The greatest challenge was building the gallery within a shopping mall. There are several key safety issues to be taken care, for instance operation hours, the entrance, the exit, and the internal circulation flow.”

There is also the design of Icon Gallery itself to consider. The team shares that a balance had to be struck between how striking the interior was, as it needed to fit the identity the clients had envisio

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