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Essential Design Integrated Image Credit: Home & Decor Malaysia
Essential Design Integrated Image Credit: Home & Decor Malaysia

Essential Design Integrated

The homeowners of W residence have garnered an appetite for comprehensively fitted interiors like those in most show units and hotels. This couple in their 40s definitely wanted to the impression of space and glamour typical of the aforementioned space, and so they sought the help of the Essential Design Integrated team.

The team rose spectacularly to the challenge, creating a space that is all at once breathtaking and yet worthy of a place called home. Where typical households tend to lean towards lighter colour schemes that impart an airier aesthetic, the designers at EDI opted for a darker coloured theme with this home.

Dark walnut built-in cabinets are tastefully paired with grey wallpaper, which dominates most of the vertical surfaces in the interior. The designers used gold trimmings, grey mirror, and black marble to break the monotony, while also giving the house a touch of luxurious shimmer.

One trendy highlight of the home lies in the bedroom and its flooring. The master bedroom, for one, is finished in herringbone white oak which not only looks unique, but also helps to add a sense of texture to the sleeping space. The team layered onto this textured flooring with neutral coloured furniture, wavy headboard panelling, and a blueish custom rug. Further adding to calm and relaxed ambience, low indirect lighting blankets the space in a cosy ease, conducive to sleep and relaxation.

Another important focus of the team was practicality. As such, it was a top priority for the team to cater the home to all members of the family. As the EDI team tells us, the house had to look appropriate for the husband who is in property development, while simultaneously being easy to maintain for the wife and their two children. They also had to dive into the challenge of reorienting t

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