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Remarkably Honorable Image Credit: HWM Malaysia
Remarkably Honorable Image Credit: HWM Malaysia

Remarkably Honorable

honor 7X

Nickey Ross

Honor has been really killing the game, as millennials these days would say. Its smartphones have been off the hook, and it's evident. The honor 7X is the latest offering to feature honor’s first Full View display. The FHD+ display is absolutely stunning, as it fully captures the beauty of its on-screen subjects. The 7X operates on a Kirin 659 Soc, along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

The honor 7X sports a smooth aluminum chassis that gives it a sumptuous feel. The material doesn't attract too much fingerprints, but if you look closely, you may find subtle hints. To achieve the FullView display, it makes sense how the front doesn't have any sort of home or capacitive buttons. The phone is preloaded with EMuI 5.1, as well as Android 7.0 OS.

Going back to the phone's FullView display feature, we noticed an in-app option to switch to the FullView screen. unfortunately, there are some apps that can't adapt, as there is a disclaimer stating that certain apps may not be optimized for it. The four edges of the 7X were manufactured with enhanced protection, so a clumsy drop may not bring about harsh consequences. In terms of the speakers, the emitted audio has a rather decent quality, but we wouldn't call it spectacular.

Another highlight of the honor 7X would be its cameras. Equipped with a dual rear camera comprising a 16MP and a 2MP lens, the phone delivers near-DSLR photos. There is also a wide aperture m

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