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The Last Jedi And The Last Straw Image Credit: HWM Malaysia
The Last Jedi And The Last Straw Image Credit: HWM Malaysia

The Last Jedi And The Last Straw

With EA getting microtransactions so terribly wrong – especially with Star Wars Battlefront II, the downward spiral of a rollercoaster ride it gave itself was so blindingly fast that it’s so difficult to keep up.

Ian Chee

Now that things have slowed down a bit, I thought I’d cover everything else that happened, which brings me nicely to a message that EA has made abundantly clear, even to those with cognitive impairment – microtransactions have no place in a premium game.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion. And on the topic of microtransactions, there are two main camps – those who believe as I do, that microtransactions don’t belong in US$60 (RM250) games, and those who are objectively wrong. And I now say this with more confidence than ever due to two things that EA did. The first is telling its investors that turning off microtransactions won’t affect their bottom line. The other being the improvement to in-game rewards in Star Wars Battlefront II.

It couldn’t possibly be made any clearer that games are not too expensive to make that microtransactions are necessary to keep selling them at US$60 viable, short of a game publisher admitting outright without any corporate doublespeak. Besides, what we got was an admission of guilt that’s as clear as day that EA will still profit as expected even without microtransactions. Of course, if you’re a company with obvious financial obligations to investors, it’s never enough to make money; you have to make as much money as possible – or even better, all the money in the world.

Then came the time when EA improved Credits earning in

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