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In The Business Of Digital Make Up Image Credit: HWM Malaysia
In The Business Of Digital Make Up Image Credit: HWM Malaysia

In The Business Of Digital Make-Up

Junichi Miyasaka, Consumer Product Development Headquarters Yasuko Nunokawa, Global Strategic Marketing Division Koichi Matsuzaki, Manager, Overseas Sales Division

Zachary Chan

The selfie culture isn’t as big in Japan as it is in China, so how did a Japanese brand end up dominating this market, and why hasn’t it taken off in the West?

MATSUZAKI: Maybe the movement is not as big as in China, but Japan also has its own selfie culture and users. Since the release of the first TR; TR100, we have been watching the whole Asian market and developing the TR’s functions as a selfie camera to meet them.

Now, of course selfie culture exists in the West as well. However, our market research found that Asians are more receptive to selfies, and (our) make-up mode is very popular with them, as compared to the West. As such, we chose to focus on the Asian countries.

How come there haven’t been more Chinese competition on their home ground?

MATSUZAKI: There were similar products in China in the past. However, it seems that the make-up quality from those products are not as good as that of the TR series. As a result, the Casio TR cameras still remain competitive in the market.

The design of the TR mini makes it dedicated for selfie. Isn’t this too limiting for a product that shares similar features with the standard TR range and other Casio models?

MIYASAKA: The TR-M11 was released (specifically) to focus on self-portraits; to create new photo taking possibilities for a broader gro

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