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O Yembi Tubi Image Credit: ArtTour International Magazine
O Yembi Tubi Image Credit: ArtTour International Magazine

O Yembi Tubi

“African’s Wealth And Woes” 

Yadira Roman

 "This painting is about the ecological disaster in the oil-rich region of Nigeria. Very few Nigerians have become selfishly wealthy through oil while oil pollution of air, water, and farmlands has made very many extremely poor. Developed world contributes to the ecological disaster of our planet.The abuse of our planet leads to climate change which may result to flood like the recent one in Houston Texas USA."

- O Yemi Tubi

Olabamiji Yemi Tubi was born in the West African city of Ibadan in 1955. A prominent Graphic Designer and painter, O Yemi Tubi incorporates political and social messages in a skillful artistic realization, expressing his personal views focusing on the social and cultural upheavals of today. "Africans' Wealth And Woes," is an oil on canvas influenced by the unprecedented exploitation of natural resources in Nigeria. The idea originated after being witness to the dire consequences of petroleum invasion in his native land.

The piece shows air and water pollution in the Oil-rich and deprived Niger Delta in Nigeria. It displays the bright blue sky tu

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