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Lisa Levasseur Image Credit: ArtTour International Magazine
Lisa Levasseur Image Credit: ArtTour International Magazine

Lisa Levasseur

"You can make a difference, let's paint the world with Recycled Paint, help support the artists behind our social environmental art movement!"

- L J Levasseur.

Viviana Puello

Lisa Levasseur is a well-known name in the modern contemporary art for a one of a kind art form known as Palette Art™, an innovative movement created by the artist to help protect the environment. Levasseur creates paintings and 3D works with the use of recycled paints which are 100% acrylic and the result from a mixture of both painting and sculpture to culminate in a 3-dimensional piece. The inspiration behind Palette Art™ is to transmit love for the environment to the viewers as well as to encourage more painters and artists to use recycled paint and contribute to saving the environment.

Born in Canada, Lisa Levasseur has dedicated her life and artistic career to her love for nature and animals. Her works are an expression of her journey in life, from pain and challenges to the joy of surrendering to and reconnecting with her passion for art.

Levasseur enjoys playing with color, often choosing – vibrant warm tones earth tones, or monotone – allowing her palette to explode dynamically across the canvas with simultaneous contrasts. Her brushstrokes are varied, freeform, with areas of solid colors, textures, and intricate layers of 100% acrylic recyled paint that create depth and three-dimensionality to the works, challenging the traditional dichotomy between painting and sculpture in a unified form of art she has develop

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