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Anne D Grandin Image Credit: ArtTour International Magazine
Anne D Grandin Image Credit: ArtTour International Magazine

Anne D. Grandin Heart Into The Planet

American artist Anne D. Grandin has developed a rich essence in her work revolving around the depiction of nature and its beauty, a concept which lies behind her tireless artistic creation.

Thomas Lioutas

Her work has been influenced by her in-depth research around the roots of Native American culture. Nature is at the heart of Grandin's inspiration, becoming highly didactic for the public and helps the viewer appreciate many aspects of life easily overseen. Thus, it is a body of work which demands careful examination to convey the full spectrum of notions and concepts hidden behind it, initiating a fruitful discussion with the viewer concerning our place in the world.

The backbone of Grandin's depiction is the accurate drawing of the subject, usually animals ranging from doves to lions and dogs as well as lush forests, majestic mountains, and serene plains. The implementation of color follows the same path, being accurate and vibrant to convey the full splendor and beauty of the depicted scenes, mesmerizing the viewer with the intricate realization which is vital for the final artwork.

“The Circle of Life found in Native American Culture influences Anne D. Grandin’s paintings. The artist uses circular and organic shapes to connect all elements of nature. She works on wood, panel, canvas, clayboard, gesso board or constructed forms. Her paintings are based on Native American Spirituality and the belief that all life forms depend on each other and live in harmony with one another to exist peacefully within the Circl

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