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Banjerd Lekkong Image Credit: ArtTour International Magazine
Banjerd Lekkong Image Credit: ArtTour International Magazine

Banjerd Lekkong

New Depths Of Perception

Viviana Puello

Banjerd Lekkong creates beautiful, wrought, Bsteel sculptures of intrinsic details that depict characters of Hinduism both as single figures and full action scenes. With figures of Hindu Gods that stand up to six feet tall, well poised, full of grace and serenity or dancing and flying the artist proposes an unseen, contemporary view of his subject.

Upon closer observation, the viewer will discover that each one of Benjerd's works has been created by smaller curvy figures that interconnect to form one single body. This fascinating technique intrigues the audience and invites to a close examination of all the elements of the composition.

Lekkong's bold, dynamic, carefully orchestrated multi-layer sculptures explore concepts of unity and inter connectivity opening new, unexpected perspectives to the viewer. A unique concept that draws his audience in for the observation of the smaller sculpted bodies entwined with one another that narrate a different story from that one of the central image.

Proposing a deeper study of Hinduism using steel and iron to deliver his message, Lekkong’s sculptures attest to the statement that they are an

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