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DreamScapes Image Credit: ArtTour International Magazine
DreamScapes Image Credit: ArtTour International Magazine


An Art 2 Heart Interview with Sónia Domingues

Viviana Puello

Award-winning artist and designer Sónia Domingues excels with her creations in all mediums. Sonny, as she Ais known, has explained her art more like dreamscapes. "My paintings emerge from dreams, I want to take strolls through all artistic styles, showing my vision of them." She is not afraid to experiment and to exist outside the boundaries of each genre of art and creates great compositions of unexpected and intrinsic details. with a well-developed figurative technique.

Domingues is widely known for her glass paintings, and this medium contributes to the vibrancy of the works and the colors she brings to life. Domingues has a bold and masterful use of colors, and quite often it's the subject matter that leads the direction in her painting. Her “Personalities” collection has the likes of Marilyn Monroe with bright yellow hair and crimson lips in a pop art style and a gauzy white flower over her face, perhaps depicting a fragility that is easy to miss with a title "Marilyn, me? I'm A Flower A White Orchid".

The glass painting technique that creates cracks superimposed on an otherwise perfect image works well and give us a deeper understanding of Sonia Domingues artistry. Beautiful faces marked by the cracks on the stained glass could have a deeper meaning

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