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The BestSign Image Credit: Bear Hunting Magazine
The BestSign Image Credit: Bear Hunting Magazine

The Best Sign

What To Look For When Hunting Eastern Decidious Forest Bears Spot & Stalk

Clay Newcomb

Hunting the Eastern Deciduous forest for black bear without the aid of bait or hounds is one of the toughest hunts in North America. Heavily wooded and rugged terrain combined with the “low density” animal makes the pursuit legitimately difficult. Recently, I’ve been calling it the “sheep hunt of the South.” The only difference being the odds of killing a bear are probably lower. The first questions most people have are, “what does bear sign look like?” and “what’s the best type of sign?” This article and the accompanying photos are designed to describe just that. Most of these photos were collected over the course of a single scouting trip and an additional hunt on public land. Some sign is more valuable than others. Sign that leaves an accurate “time stamp” will give you the most relevant information for harvesting a bear.

Bears are nomadic by nature with large home ranges (typically from 10 to 20 square miles). If you’re trying to kill a bear today, bear sign that is a month old has less relevance than sign made two days ago. Here are six things I look for when hunting big woods bears.

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