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Quebecs Boreal Bruins Image Credit: Bear Hunting Magazine
Quebecs Boreal Bruins Image Credit: Bear Hunting Magazine

Quebec's Boreal Bruins

A Quebec bear camp full of firsts makes this journey to the North Woods an epic experience!

Brian Strickland

I really didn’t know what to expect when the wheels touched down at Montreal’s international airport. First off, whenever you travel to another country, even though it’s just across our northern border, it’s an adventure in and of itself. Preparing just for the initial journey seems to take on a whole new meaning, let alone the worries of luggage arriving when you do, delays, layovers and making sure you bring everything you need to help make the hunt successful. Furthermore, when I invited the fetching Mrs. Strickland to accompany me on this North Wood’s adventure, you want the whole affair to go as planned.

Prior to this, I had traveled to Canada several times to hunt bears and whitetails, and on all but one of those I made the long drive from my Colorado home. The one time I decided to fly I ended up waiting nearly two days for my bow to arrive behind me. Needless to say, when our feet touched the sweet Canadian soil on this trip, we were more than happy to see that all our luggage had arrived as planned. It was now time to jump into the rental car and start the eight hour journey north into the Canadian Boreal forest.

When I was invited by Quebec Outfitters (www. to hunt with Serge Dap-ra of Lake Suzie Outfitter (, I was more than eager to accept. Not only do I love hunting the most overlooked big game animal in North America, the Ursus Americanus, but

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