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Running A Mixed Pack Image Credit: Bear Hunting Magazine
Running A Mixed Pack Image Credit: Bear Hunting Magazine

Running A Mixed Pack

What are the pros & cons of hunting with other people and their dogs?

Kelly Irwin

The sport of running hounds has grown in the past few years. Almost everyone that gets into hound hunting got started going with someone else and their hounds, and instantly had that burning feeling of needing their own dog. Some, not many, are content just going along and helping, but the majority of people get hooked, and there is no better feeling than having your own dog in the mix. This may or may not affect the original houndsman’s future.

As most of us get started in the sport, we have probably gone along with a local houndsman and gotten the “bug.” Most will tell you that you either “have it or you don’t.” Those that feel the need will yearn for a puppy. Any pup will do as long as they get the satisfaction of feeling like a true houndsman and dreaming of the future. Some will have the patience to wait for the right breeding, and will have better odds of achieving their goal. The original person that got you into it may offer you a pup, as he will be able to keep tabs on more of his blood and guide you on this particular bloodline, and offer tips on what works best for their training. He may also be more apt to let you keep coming along, as you are running his stock and he gets to keep tabs on its progress without feeding it himself.

There are different rules and regulations in each state, and some have dog number limits for pursuing game. Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire have six-dog limits for running hounds on bear

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