Apollo Male Models
The Making of Apollo GT Image Credit: Apollo Male Models
The Making of Apollo GT Image Credit: Apollo Male Models

The Making Of Apollo GT

Chapter 13

Hoc Mon was an open flat land where our farm house was freshly built to accommodate us, 2 sisters, 4 brothers, all older than me, and my parents. We brought a cat and a dog, which my uncle rescued and asked my mom to take in, to our farm. They loved it. They have all the space to run and play all day. My youngest uncle taught our dog not to run out to the street pass our fence for fear of high traffic. It was a collie, very smart loving dog. I used to hate dogs because in my neighborhood in Saigon all the dogs were mean and bit people. Until my 8th uncle brought this one to us, her owner didn’t want to take care of her anymore. The first few days she hid under the table and wouldn’t come out to eat. I felt sorry for her and grew worried so I came close to investigate. I saw her eyes moved to look at me without turning her head. I saw a tear in her eyes. I knew all about crying too well. I became friend with her instantly.

Somehow, after talking kindly to her after a few minutes, I was able to convince her to trust me and come out to eat something. In no time the next day she was out and playing with me and our cat. When we brought her from my aunt’s house to our farm, she was just so happy and free to run and play. I could really share her joy of freedom. I got so much time to run and play too.

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