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Giant Little Ones Image Credit: Apollo Male Models
Giant Little Ones Image Credit: Apollo Male Models

Giant Little Ones

So much had been said and done.

Keith Behrman

How do you make a film without saying so much? You do it with a thoughtful script and great directing. Giant Little Ones offered friendship, identity, harsh reality, and most of all, truth to oneself, evidently not without twists and turns. Many of us could easily relate to the characters in this film and some may find them unique and interesting in some ways. Some of us have long been far down the road of life but Giant Little Ones promised to take us back to the teenage years once more. It was the time to be popular, to be curious, to be vibrant, or to be alone in the corner, observing, discovering oneself, and watching time went by. Other unfortunate ones just giggle and point fingers.

Two childhood best friends who were not typical shy boys but rather popular and also athletic found themselves in a sticky situation where they had to face schoolmates and family members. It was a “He said, he said” story and what he did was a “Did I do that?” OMG teenage supernova get your act together in denial or just run with it and see turn point. That was a rush. Yes, at one point or another in our lives we might have to do something stupid and lash out at those too close to us or to build walls and protect ourselves. It’s in our nature. Some acts can be more forgiving than others. We retaliate against those who conform us, poke at us, and ridicule us so we can find and define ourselves. That was what Franky, played by Josh Wiggins, and Ballas, pl

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