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Jesse Pine Image Credit: Apollo Male Models
Jesse Pine Image Credit: Apollo Male Models

Jesse Pine Building His Own Road

Find your own way, the little voice in your head might say. Not all adults know what’s good for you since they might not even know what’s good for themselves. Like many bodybuilders before him, Jesse found his way to fitness and the rest is about building his own road.

the interview:

AMM - What was little Jesse like before 10 years old?

Jesse - As a child I was defiant, deviant, shy and not confident. I absolutely despised going to school due to my unwillingness to participate as I would always get called on for questions. Getting in trouble was just about the only thing I was good at when I was young. Constantly seeing the principal or in the office was something that I actually looked foward to because it would get me out of class. I also fell in love with video games at around that time too. Video games would allow me to escape reality for as long as I wanted. Chatting with friends or immersing myself in the story were things I lived for and to this day it helps me keep in contact with friends from middle school.

AMM - At what age did you start working out and who inspired you to become a pro. bodybuilder?

Jesse - I started working out at 12 years old. I was actually inspired by a character from a very popular game known as Grand Theft Auto. The character was Brucie, a meathead who with a loud bark and a big bite. I’ll admit he isn’t exactly role model material with his promiscuous activities. Brucie would workout in his home wearing nothing but some boxer briefs and all I thought was wow what badass.

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