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Extras Extras Read All About It Image Credit: Apollo Male Models
Extras Extras Read All About It Image Credit: Apollo Male Models

Extras, Extras, Read All About It!!!

Some Actor With A Big Attitude.

On Set Almost a year ago when we filmed a scene of the dressing room of a gay strip club, I played one of the gay strippers hanging out with my buddies. We really had fun eventhough we shot the scene for about 14 hours. We were getting tired at the same time wearing only our underwears and trying to keep up the buff look all day was tough, but our attitude was great! Never had I in any shoot for a tv show or a feature film experienced such a negative direct interaction with an actor, be it an extra or one with a speaking role. I just knew it would happen one day but didn’t expect it to be this day. The scene had me walked pass the two actors carrying on their conversation in the dressing room. We all knew not to have a cell phone with us in the shoot on set or major kick off the set discipline will be given. I, on the other hand, was given a fake cell phone as prop to use in this scene.

Lucky me. So as I walked pass them I was playing with the fake cell phone. Once I was out of frame I didn’t have much choice but stood by and wait for the director to call “Cut” in order to return to position and repeat the shoot since the exit was blocked by cameras and crew. So I stood there and held my fake phone up at my chest, out of habit, I treated it as if it was a real phone. After several times of reshooting the scene from that angle we finally moving on to a different angle to shoot. As I walked pass one of the actor who was playing the stripper, but

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