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Rogelio Deleon Image Credit: Apollo Male Models
Rogelio Deleon Image Credit: Apollo Male Models

Rogelio Deleon: I Don't Want To Be Famous Or Be A Millionaire

Not every dream and goal had to be bigger than life. You just had to know what you want and go after it. Rogelio was taking the right steps towards his goal and also was making sure it was realistic.

the interview:

AMM - What was your day to day childhood like growing up in Havana, Cuba?

Rogelio - I was born in Hija de Galicia Sanmiguel del Padron in a very bad neighborhood in Havana. I was the only white guy there, always fighting to win respect. I was living there until 10 then I moved to Havana Del Este Alamar zona when I was 13. My days was on a street playing béisbol, riding cacrriolas, playing bolas, tried to have the best childhood that a cuban kid could have.

AMM - How did you make your way to Miami when you were just 15?

Rogelio - My mom came to the United States before me, the Cuban government didn’t let me go because I had to wait for the release of the military that every cuban have to pass; this paper took about 6 months. All this time I was staying with my grandmother, the love of my life! Sweetest woman ever. I received the release and the next day I bought the ticket to United States. The American Dream (la Lluma ) how we used to say in Cuba. When I came to Miami the next day I couldn’t believe that but yes I was in the United States and I had to study and work hard like everybody.

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