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Sweet Tooth Image Credit: Apollo Male Models
Sweet Tooth Image Credit: Apollo Male Models

Sweet Tooth

Do you have something in mind that you must get it in your mouth? Not sure what it is? Let Michael’s new book Sweet Tooth help you decide...yum yum...

the interview:

AMM - So tell us how the idea for Sweet Tooth came to your artistic mind?

Michael - I knew I wanted to create a coffee table book and was toying around with either the idea of doing a shower themed series called, “Wet” or men and desserts. Once I found out a photographer that I knew was working on a shower series I decided to go with the dessert theme. In the end it really made sense that I do the dessert theme since I love dessert. As for adding the recipes that was my partner Jose’s idea, which I thought was fantastic.

AMM - What is your own favorite dessert over all the other desserts and do you make your own?

Michael - That’s a tough choice but I’d have to go with Red Velvet cake! I do make a great Red Velvet cake as well as other desserts, but I also love trying desserts from various bakeries and other people who bake.

AMM - What is it about naked men and desserts that is just so tantalizingly delicious?

Michael - What isn’t?! I loved the idea of these beautiful, in shape men just devouring and/or smearing dessert all over themselves. There’s something sexy in a man who can splurge and isn’t always, “oh I can’t eat that, I might gain a pound”! I think it’s also the fantasy of being able to look the way they do, but eat whatever you want to as well.

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