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JD Sanders Image Credit: Apollo Male Models
JD Sanders Image Credit: Apollo Male Models

JD Sanders

They said the brain controlled the body therefore the mind powered the muscles. In some cases, the body actually nourished the mind and in turn kept a person healthy. One should not neglect the body nor the mind but must in fact learn how to keep both actively fit.

the interview:

AMM - From where you are standing now, is it still difficult to look back at the time when you were dealing with your mental health issue and digestive disorder?

JD - Looking back on where I’ve come from is almost kinda like a dream at this point. Since I practice daily cognitive mind skills to get better, so I will never get back to that negative point which would lead to hospitalization. I still struggle with digestive problems they will never go away but exercising and eating the right way helps tremendously.

AMM - How did you start working out and be a healthier you?

JD - I have always been into sports and extreme sports but I never really trained for building muscle until I was hospitalized and reality kicked in that I needed to do it otherwise my body would continue to shut down.

AMM - What does winning 1st place in several competitions mean to you?

JD - Being able to achieve first place trophies is more than rewarding for me because first off I’ve never won anything before growing up so to me this is a sign for all the work I’ve put in, all the sacrifice, sweat and tears .. to me it makes it worth it.

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