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AMM Cover ModelNicholas Kotselas Image Credit: Apollo Male Models
AMM Cover ModelNicholas Kotselas Image Credit: Apollo Male Models

AMM Cover Model: Nicholas Kotselas

From all the books you have read and the movies you have watched, nobody’s life story was as important as your own because with yours, you are starring in it. And if just so happened a movie came along with a character’s life mirroring your own, who would you tell?

the interview:

AMM - Did you actually watch the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding or you just heard things about it?

Nicholas - I did! We watched it in theatres with my entire family and extended family, there must have been 40 of us. We also had it on vhs and I would fall asleep to it every night, I still have almost all the lines memorized.

AMM - Wow!!! haaa haaaa… Do you compare yourself to the character in this film by the name of Toula? In which way?

Nicholas - Yes, very much so. She was brought up in a very Greek family and kind of got stuck in the restaurant business like I did. She experienced the cultural clash between the “wild” Greeks and a more normal, quiet family. Also many things down to character names, specific details, etc were so similar to my own life that I often felt like someone was making a movie about me.

AMM - As a young kid you were helping out your family with the restaurant, did you for a moment think about something else you would rather be doing?

Nicholas - Honestly not so much, I started so young and began to enjoy doing it that I never really considered doing anything else. I still don’t feel like I go to work each da

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