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Motherhood Child Care Friendship Parenting Image Credit: Charlotte Parent
Motherhood Child Care Friendship Parenting Image Credit: Charlotte Parent

The Changing Age of Moms and Mom Friends

Find your tribe despite age differences. The air is warm and the conversation is flowing. Three mothers stand in the shade of a tree talking, laughing and watching their children play at a local park. The children, all boys from the same preschool class, are 5 years old.

By Tiffany Wolff

The boys play with the same toys, enjoy the same books and look up to the same superheroes. The moms discuss typical mommy things like their child’s sleep patterns, new ice-cream shops and how to sneak extra vegetables into dinner. Aside from their children, the mothers’ interests and life experiences vary widely.

This group of moms ranges in age from 26 to 40. One is youthful and slightly less tired looking that the others. One mom was rocking to Pearl Jam while another was being rocked in her mother’s arms. One is more advanced in her career with a longer resume. I am somewhere in between, catching all the jokes and references that are too antiquated for one and too hip for the other. But we make it work.

Times Have Changed

It’s not uncommon these days for women to choose to have children later in life, but not all women. A report from Pew Research Center shows that the age at which women are becoming mothers has risen across all racial and ethnic groups. In 1994 more than half (53%) of women in their early 40s had become mothers by age 24, but by 2014, this share had fallen to 39%. In 2016, the percentage of women at the end of their child-bearing years (ages 40 to 44) who had ever given birth was 86%, up from 80% in 2006. So women are still having babies, just not as soon as they were 15 years ago.

An Internet search or discussion with an OB/GYN can lead to an overabundance of information (often contradic

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