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Kids Smartphone Anxiety Mental Health Image Credit: Charlotte Parent
Kids Smartphone Anxiety Mental Health Image Credit: Charlotte Parent

Is Your Child Ready For A Smartphone?

You’ve heard the pitch. Her best friend has a smartphone, so when does your daughter get to have one?

Melanie Hempe

Your son is begging you too, every day. Their questioning can make you as anxious as it makes them. So how do you know when your child is ready? Consider the following when determining the best age to get your child a smartphone.

Check their maturity. 

Kids don’t use phones the way adults do. The human brain takes a long time to develop, and the frontal cortex — the judgment and reasoning center — is the last to “come in.” Teen brains are not mature. Many teens even take a U-turn and seem to become less mature once a phone becomes a crutch.

Your children can demonstrate their readiness by their level of responsibilities with non-tech activities at home. Put the ball back in their court. Do they walk the dog, practice the piano, and do homework without your daily reminders? Can they clean the bathroom and the kitchen the way you do? To become responsible, independent kids, it is best to master some real-life skills before adding distractions that could increase their anxiety and derail their development. If you still wash their clothes and remind them to brush their teeth, your children are telling you they’re not ready for the responsibility of a smartphone or social media.

Consider their communication skills

Face-to-face communication can be one of the first things to go when a child gets a smartphone. Can your child can initiate and carry an interesti

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