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BMX Racing Image Credit: PULL Magazine
BMX Racing Image Credit: PULL Magazine

Rising From Disaster - Sand Springs BMX

Sand Springs, Oklahoma.


We hear this statement day in and day out, from stories of families traveling the country together to stories of support during hard times. 2019 has been a year in the books for BMX related hardships, however, each hardship has proven how much BMX Racing truly is just that - a Family Sport. After each hardship, it seems that the BMX Racing Family has created the opportunity to excel every time. I use the word “family” because it is so much stronger than the word community.

Prime examples of family support this year include the nation-wide support for the Carson Stoffel family. Tracks in Michigan banded together to make sure that Capitol City BMX in Lansing was able to run an SCR during a track re-boot. It was not just volunteers either - the crew from GTC brought a PA system, computers and even donated all of the awards to make sure the SCR ran and Capitol City could continue. Most recently, Fort Wayne BMX was broken into and had over $5000 of equipment stolen, from quads to the equipment needed to operate the gate – just four days before their largest race of the year. Once again, the BMX Family came through and raised enough to replace everything on such short notice.

The following story is of a track that was practically wiped flat from a flood, and again, the BMX Fa

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