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SeanDay Image Credit: PULL Magazine
SeanDay Image Credit: PULL Magazine

Sean Day

Sitting At No.4 In Amateur Points, This Day Is Looking Bright.

After finishing No.19 in the Nation last year, NW ripper Sean Day has his eye on the ultimate prize - the No.1 Amateur cup. With 19 wins this season, if he keeps the streak alive, Grands could be a very, VERY good Day.

PULL: You’ve been hovering around the top of National points all this year. Where are you at right now?

SEAN DAY: Number three right now, but I might be No.1 after this weekend.

PULL: That’s right - 12x had the biggest rider-count this weekend. How’s that feel?

DAY: As long as Jesse isn’t in first, it’s good. We’ll see how it goes.

PULL: I won’t find too many Jesse Welch fans around the Full Tilt pits, will I?

DAY: No, not at all.

PULL: So, what do you attribute to having such a good year?

DAY: A lot of the credit I would say is the team - Full Tilt, for getting me all of the nice stuff. For taking care of me. Giving me the support.

PULL: This is your first year on Full Tilt, right?

DAY: Yes it is. I rode for Throdwn last year.

PULL: The Full Tilt guys have quite a few nicknames for you.

DAY: Well, at first they called me Suave, or RickoSuave. But now they call me Sean-John.

PULL: Where are you from in Washington?

DAY: Tacoma.

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