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P Nut Image Credit: PULL Magazine
P Nut Image Credit: PULL Magazine


2018 National #1 Girl Payton Ridenour.

PULL: This year, you’ve been concentrating more on Jr. Women - right? How has that been going for you?

P-Nut: This year has been amazing so far in the Junior Women class! Every moto in this class could very well be a Grands main, so it’s definitely a challenge. Racing this class has given me more opportunities to progress since the competition is so tough, and I love every moment racing against girls I get along with so well!

PULL: Working closer with Arielle Martin; what is the biggest difference in your training - compared to this year and in your past?

P-Nut: Last winter my dad dedicated half of the garage to build my own gym, so having access to a full gym at my house has helped a lot. But besides that, nothing is different than the past years. I just love to ride my bike and keep raising the bar.

PULL: You’ve scored plenty of Jr. Women wins this year; which one has been the most memorable?

P-Nut: The most memorable junior women win that I’ve had this year is Louisville, Kentucky. I didn’t lose a lap all weekend and felt the best I have! Also, it was a supercross race, and I love racing on the big hill.

PULL: It seems that between you, Daleny Vaughn and the Hayes sisters, that the U.S. has some solid talent for when Alise and Brooke decide to call it a career. Do you envision yourself stepping

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