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Tyler Brown Image Credit: PULL Magazine
Tyler Brown Image Credit: PULL Magazine

World's Fastest Track Operator-Tyler Brown

Right as we were about to start this interview, a kid and his mom walked into the DK tent to say Hi. Tyler asked to pause the recorder, and went to shake the kids’ hand and give him a quick pre-main pep-talk. A few minutes later, TB#316 returned and told me “He’s a follower of mine on Instagram. I’ve never met him before.” Right there, dropping everything to help out a fan, pretty much sums up The World’s Fastest Track Operator.

It may be hard to find a more dedicated BMX racer than Tyler Brown. The dude eats, sleeps, and breathes BMX. He wears more BMX hats than anybody else we know, which is where our interview begins.


PULL: Let’s start off with the newest hat you’ve been wearing. The one that reads DAD. How are you handling that new job title?

TYLER: It’s fun. It’s different. It’s a lot of work. She’s only two months old, so it’s been cool to see the changes in her. She now recognizes my voice. I’m just looking forward to her growing up and being a lot more active.

PULL: Is it a lot more work than you ever imagined?

TYLER: Yeah. I had no idea. I knew it’d be a ton of work, and I already had a pretty full plate - with all of the stuff I do. Between operating the track and doing USA Cycling stuff, training and coaching, traveling, I still have to come home and have a full night with the little one. It’s an adjustment. One of the things that’s been really cool, though, is the support from the BMX community. I get up there in staging to race the Vet Pros and they’re all giving me Dad advice behind the gate.


PULL: Do you have a regular work schedule? What’s your average week of work like?

TYLER: It kind of

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