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ShelbyFarmsBMX Image Credit: PULL Magazine
ShelbyFarmsBMX Image Credit: PULL Magazine


The track is an excellent example of how important it is to have strong leadership and dedicated families.

Located in the heart of Shelby Farms, an urban park in Memphis, Tennessee, Shelby Farms BMX offers a host of activities for riders not commonly found in urban surroundings. At 4,500 acres Shelby Farms is almost five times the size of New York’s Central Park. Opened in 1987, Shelby Farms BMX was a small track compared to most, but had the potential to become a giant in the mid-south BMX world. The track’s success would ebb and flow with the local interest of BMX for nearly 20 years. Without a true base of numerous volunteers, tireless workers like James and Johnny Looker kept the track running through the tough times. Then something changed. With the introduction of BMX as an Olympic sport in 2008, an interest and curiosity had peaked. Each year the track would see more riders coming out to the track. That will bring us to 2014. The year everything changed.

When Brian and Angie Donnelly moved from Florida in 2013, they were eager to find a track for their two sons who were avid racers. Having raced some of the nicest tracks in Florida, the Donnelly’s were not prepared for the bleak reality that Shelby Farms was a struggling track. The Donnelly’s, along with James Looker, a long time local rider and volunteer, would transform Shelby Farms into a modern marvel of the South. Donnelly was also

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