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Lakesarea BMX Brainerd Minnesota Image Credit: PULL Magazine
Lakesarea BMX Brainerd Minnesota Image Credit: PULL Magazine

Lakesarea BMX Brainerd, Minnesota

“Projects Beget Projects.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that phrase said by my father; except in his case it always seemed to be a reason why the project he started off to do never quite seemed to get finished… This, however, was not the case for Justin Barnhart and the crew at Lakes Area BMX. Below is the story, in his words, of how after installing a new Onyx Safety Gate they were no longer happy with their starting hill and thus another project was born. His words may explain the story, but the photos are really what tells the story of this now gorgeous staging area in Brainerd, MN. - Justin Travis Several years ago Lakes Area BMX was in need of a new gate. After researching several options, we decided to go with the Onyx Safety Gate. We have a steeper than average starting hill and after the install of the gate it caused an issue which I liked to call the Mount Everest of staging areas. This hill was not a fun thing for anyone to climb especially our five and under classes. That being said, around four years ago a brainchild was born around a bonfire. Our treasurer and I were hanging out in my backyard elated by the fact that we had this awesome new gate in place and at the same time feeling concerned with the feat it was to climb into staging.

We were discussing our options and dreaming big like all T

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