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Image Credit: The Singapore Marketer

Using Data Technology to Drive Your Content Marketing Campaign?

What is exactly data technology?

Jacky Tan

With all the newly derived terms in the content marketing industry such as big data marketing or data-driven content strategy, the marketer may be feeling a little bit overwhelmed or puzzled. Not to worry too much, we are all basically talking about the same thing. That is, using data to develop content relevant to your customers into your marketing campaign, thus making it easier for your company to take care of your customers. As simple as that.

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba group and the person who coined the term data technology, said, “In the society of tomorrow, data will be the most important means of production, innovation and social development. People and data will be interwoven. We must continue to invest in the development of data technology.”

Is Data-driven Marketing something new?

One may asked, “is such data driven marketing a new IN thing in the market?”

Not at all. In fact, every serious small, medium or big sized businesses today, were already practising some form of data-driven marketing without realising. For example, the cafe manager and her baristas adding new flavours to the drinks menu by understanding the “latte preference” of their regular customers. Or that fashion apparel shop introducing their new lace dresses from its knowledge of their majority customers’ shopping habits who bought more lace clothes than other types of apparels. Even to the simple local

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