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Image Credit: The Singapore Marketer

The Rationalisation of content

In a world full of information, it is much harder now to get the attention of your audience. The good news is, with the rise of interactive media, the audience you get could be much more responsive.

Lena Chong

So, where does content play in this? Everywhere.

Marketers have always been creating content. Content Marketing raised from a need to become more strategic in sharing messages to create the right impression. It focuses on how organisations wish to bring their special knowledge and contributions to the community saying it to their ideal audience in a way that captures their attention most. Obviously, this can be done in various media, over various channels.

Let’s look at some thoughts around content marketing.


Make important purchase information readily available and easily found.

According to research done by Brand New Media, 80% of purchasers buy after researching in an online environment. Not only does having fresh and accurate online content help educate customers to make informed buying decisions, it also helps to establish a good customer impression of the business/brand, giving it more credibility as a trusted source, which contributes to building brand loyalty.

This will also ensure you leverage benefits from connecting content to more information which will allow your customers to make quicker decisions and increase the effectiveness of call-to-actions, increasing ROI on your content.


Half the effectiveness of content is hinged on where it is shared. With the constant increase in where consumers can get their in

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