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Wheel Cool Again Image Credit: Stuff Middle East
Wheel Cool Again Image Credit: Stuff Middle East

Wheel, Cool Again

Close your eyes, give me your hand: do you feel my smart heating? Do you understand?

■ It’s been five years since people started saying the phrase “nice thermostat”. Before Nest, they were just beige boxes that did a basic job of adjusting your air conditioning and now the company has finally brought its lovely ‘stat to the UAE. This latest model is the same but better: like many gadget upgrades it’s thinner, with a bigger, better screen, but it also adds some useful functions.

■ If you live in a big house (congratulations on having the money for that), you’ll likely have two separate AC units in which case you‘ll want to look at getting two. Otherwise, a single Nest will intelligently monitor and control the temperature in a medium sized apartment to spectacular effect, essentially melting into the background with a minimum of fuss.

■ Not only is the display big and sharp, it’s also useful. Switch on Farsight and when you pass your Nest it can flash up the time and date, as an analogue or digital clock. It’s not earth-shaking, but it does make the Nest a nicer thing to have on the living room wall.

■ Nest says both the learning and temperature sensing functions have improved. It auto-adjusted temperature based on previous activity which was neat, and the home/away functionality is a great way to save on DEWA bills.

Tech specs

Screen 2in 480x480 (229ppi) LCD  Sensors Temperature, humidity,

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