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Return Of The Vac Image Credit: Stuff Middle East
Return Of The Vac Image Credit: Stuff Middle East

Return Of The Vac

Dyson Cyclone V10 US$tba /

Will this handheld beast kill off the corded vacuum cleaner for good?

Suck it up

Dyson’s back… and there’s no doubt the star of this ultra-light vac is its titular V10 motor. It’s smaller and weighs half as much as the V8 it replaces, but manages to spin at a ridiculous 125,000rpm, so you get 20% more suction power than the outgoing model. This is a streamlined machine that will make quick work of the messiest post-party floors. Oh, and the fact that it looks like a sci-fi alien zapper does nothing to dent its appeal.

Get it on

Not tripping on a snake-like pile of cables is an obvious selling point for any cordless vacuum, but most people would rather take the risk than have the thing retire halfway through a clean. So Dyson has boosted the V10 battery’s maximum run time to an hour – plenty of time to whizz around any house that doesn’t belong to a Premier League footballer. It has a trigger grip rather than an on/off switch, so it won’t zap away precious power when you’re not actively cleaning.

Tech it out

We’re told the motor uses a suite of sensors that calculate things like altitude, air pressure and even temperature. Sounds like overkill to us, but apparently this ensures it’ll give you the best performance whether you’re going to work on your carpets or tackling the

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