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Moss Image Credit: Stuff Middle East
Moss Image Credit: Stuff Middle East


This fairytale platformer adventure proves that the PlayStation VR might have a happy ending after all.

Once upon a time, virtual reality was all set to reign supreme as the future of home entertainment. The people of Gamerland were ecstatic, for it had been foretold they could explore new realms and hitherto untold delights thanks to this magical new technology. Then they realised the headsets were expensive and uncomfortable, and didn’t have anything worth playing to justify all this hassle.

The end? Not if Moss has its say. A storybook-style tale about a mouse who finds herself caught up in magical events that reach well beyond her tiny size, it belongs in the same rarefied company as Lone Echo and Superhot VR as one of the finest VR experiences you can immerse yourself in. With a gorgeous fairytale world to bask in, some clever motion controls and a charming chaptered story that breaks up the action into bite-sized chunks, the game adds up to something totally unique and delightfully fun.

Sure, if you ported it straight onto PS4 then Moss would rank as a basic four-hour platformer. In VR, though, its simplicity is a real strength that affords you the time to peer around every nook and cranny of its intricate stages while always having a clear destination in mind. There are collectibles scattered about in hard-to-reach corners, but really the idea here is that anyone should be able to don a PSVR headset and find themselves smitten with what surrounds them.

Unlike the similarly-minded Lucky’s Tale f

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